Mozilla Celebrates 15 Years of a Better Web - PH

Apr 6, 2013

This week Mozilla is celebrating its 15 years of promoting openness, and oppotunity on the internet.

Mozilla has been doing it for 15 years and it published 15 facts that describes what Mozilla is and included some of its biggest achievements.

Mozilla Celebrates 15 Years of a Better Web

This non-profit company made Firefox with a mission to keep the power of the Web in the hands of users everywhere. For more information visit Mozilla's Official Blog.

I remember the time when Firefox started in the Philippines. It was not so popular. But when I tried it out I was amazed at how functional it was. I tried to convince friends to use Firefox instead of their usual browser during that time. From then on, there was no stopping Mozilla from dominating the internet browser wars. To this day, I prefer Firefox to browse the web as opposed to other browsers.

I am excited with the release of their new operating system, the Firefox OS for mobile phones. I sure hope they will release it in the Philippines for a reasonable price.

Without Firefox and Mozilla, people would not have been hooked to their computers. It was the trailblazer of putting the power of the internet in your hands.

Congratulations to Mozilla for the past 15 years and for more years to come! Greetings from your loyal user from the Philippines, @NicoCalunia

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