Basic Information
Name: Nico Calunia
Birthday: July 5
Hometown: Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Current City: Cagayan de Oro City

Personal Information
Activities: Teaching, Hiking & Website Making
Interests: Math, Technology & Computer
About Me: secret

Graduate Studies: Xavier University
College: Xavier University-School of Education
High School: Xavier University High School

Contact Info
E-mail: nicoyuey2{at}
On the web:
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Portfolio Websites

Below is a list of the Blogspot Blogs I have created from my college years to the present. Some of these websites may look very odd today. Additionally, some of these blogs have already been discontinued but I am happy to reminisce the blogs I have created over the years.

Personal website (compatible to Desktop and Mobile Browsers)

Philippine News (experimental site for SEO)

Proposed XUGS Math Department Website (Mac OS X Theme)

Timeline for Blogger

XUGS Online Quiz Bee (Elimination) SY 2012-2013 (Tablet-based)

Tech News - Philippines All-in-One Site

HD Mac Wallpapers

H3 Circle

XUGS Math and Science Quiz Bee Finals

XUGS Online Quiz Bee (Elimination) SY 2011-2012