Dota 2: Beta is Over Download Links and Details

Jul 11, 2013

Dota 2 has gained hype in the past years. However, the game has been in beta. Recently, Dota 2 has exited its beta phase and now gets an official release. Here are some of the most important details about Dota 2 and the download links, of course.

Xavier University Grade School's New Mission and Vision

Jul 10, 2013

Here is the new Xavier University Grade School Department's Mission and Vision. Let this be our guide in the many school years to come. Go for MAGIS for this year and the years ahead!

Cherry Mobile Fusion Air Specs and Price in PH

Jul 9, 2013

Another Cherry Mobile Tab is released. This time the specifications are not that impressive but the price is way beyond expectation. This time a 7-inch tab makes its way to the less than Php3,000 limit. Here comes the Cherry Mobile Fusion Air. Another addition to the Fusion Tab series.

Cherry Mobile Razor Specs and Price in PH

Jul 8, 2013

Cherry Mobile launches another phone that will compete in the stiff Philippine android market competition. Here comes the Cherry Mobile Razor with its technical specs and price (soon.)

How to Solve Venn Diagram Problems

Jul 7, 2013

Venn Diagram has been one of the mystifying ways of solving problems in mathematics. These are used specially when it comes to survey problems. The video below vividly and simply explains how these kind of problems are solved. Here the creator used the process of solving backwards. Let us solve Venn Diagram problems easily.