MyPhone ICEBERGE Review

Sep 24, 2013

Another well known local brand is myphone iceberg, It is very well known due to its logo which is really localized. Well i used to own one of their basic phones and it seems tough. Now Myphone releases another work of art, the ICEBERG. It is almost the same as our Cherry Mobile Cosmos S. Read More...
(yey! we are now moving from!!)

PHONE WARRANTY: is it worth knowing?

Aug 3, 2013

I have been with good term with the warranty of Samsung. Just one trivia. All accessories have 6 months warranty as long as there is no physical or water damage. Haha. but none of their accessories breaks in less than 6 months unless you use the accessories like a 3 years old.. Another good thing with Samsung is when I first had a problem with my phone (well i consider that a physical damage - but still in warranty. oh yeah!), Brought the phone the next day and after 2 freakin days. I GOT IT BACK. Well I'll compare it again to an emerging brand. quality versus the cost. When we first laid our hands. I asked the seller. What is included in the warranty? 1 week replacement for accessories as long as it is a factory defect and 1 year for the phone. And here we are and we tried the freakin phone. CM HYPER- just like flare, just bigger screen. And so it started. I'll publicized it. Our phone was brought to their service center last 6.29.2013. And guess what? it is 08.03.2013. not so long aye?

So our question now. does the warranty given is really worth it. after all the repair time was more than the TAT provided. I'll be posting a print screen sooner. when CM Customer Service texted us and said, HURRAY! your phone is now in CHINA!! that was very INCONVENIENT.. hahaha

I know that it is wrong to compare an emerging brand with a KNoWN brand. But what can we say, if you want to have a good review. better make a good service. If you have any objections with these. please tell me so. comment here or email me.  Anyways, it is really worth knowing it, you'll prevent any future charges if you know enough the warranty of the phone brand you are using! Actually warranty adds up to the payment you are making.

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Aug 2, 2013

Well I have been checking on different phones and brands.. I wanna start from emerging brands, I'll be updating these information on image quality. :) I'll be soon checking and showing same photos taken using different phone brands with same megapixels. please keep posted!
if you have picture taken by your phone with 8 megapixel back camera and 2 megapixel front camera. please send me the photos at
I'll be using Samsung grand 8mp to compare. thanks for the help! tag your emails
CM for cherry mobile phones
MP for myphone
TQ for torque
SM for starmobile



Email Syncing is one of the biggest problem when you are in a company and your company has a corporate email. It does not have an automatic configuration in an android device, you either set up POP3 or IMAP or a HEX -Microsoft hosted exchange.  Let's see first the differences
POP3: sends it to the device you were able to access it to
IMAP: You are reading from the server, can be accessed by multiple gadgets.
HEX: servers are administered and maintained by the company I.T. department ( I don't prefer to have this.. DAMMIT! IT!)
So it just matters on what type of access you want. It can be limited or vastly accessible. OK lets go to the set up of an email. Normally in an android device, one you have selected the option to use the corporate email, it will detect a manual set up. I'll give a few insights with an email.
when you are going to set it up, it only matters for the incoming and outgoing server and the port number. Normally it will be auto detected for the port number but for the email. Normally an incoming server is mail.domain.ext (*ext is the extension whether .com or .net etc) and the port number is provided and the outgoing should be good also. just remember your email address is the whole USER ID for the email and remember the password. in case that you want to test setting up an email using the email option, you can use this test email.
password: P@ssword
so try the email option in your phone and try to use this test mail
incoming server:
outgoing server:
TRY POP3 and IMAP, it is capable 
You can try to use that email to practice set up of email. You can also always delete an email in the list (if you have multiple emails,). Deletion of the email account is under the MENU button and select settings and there'll be option to deleted. PLS DONT SEND SPOOF EMAILS TO OTHER. That Email is a test email. :)
*don't change the port settings it is on autodetect.
**please use common sense. emails are sent via internet connection, you need internet connection
-if server error shows up, please have the email troubleshooted by your email provider. They have resyncing and reindexing for server errors.
-port information is provided by email provider
-Latency may not be due to the phone but now on another case.
-try K9-MAIL for the email services that you want to sync.
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Dota 2: Beta is Over Download Links and Details

Jul 11, 2013

Dota 2 has gained hype in the past years. However, the game has been in beta. Recently, Dota 2 has exited its beta phase and now gets an official release. Here are some of the most important details about Dota 2 and the download links, of course.

Xavier University Grade School's New Mission and Vision

Jul 10, 2013

Here is the new Xavier University Grade School Department's Mission and Vision. Let this be our guide in the many school years to come. Go for MAGIS for this year and the years ahead!

Cherry Mobile Fusion Air Specs and Price in PH

Jul 9, 2013

Another Cherry Mobile Tab is released. This time the specifications are not that impressive but the price is way beyond expectation. This time a 7-inch tab makes its way to the less than Php3,000 limit. Here comes the Cherry Mobile Fusion Air. Another addition to the Fusion Tab series.

Cherry Mobile Razor Specs and Price in PH

Jul 8, 2013

Cherry Mobile launches another phone that will compete in the stiff Philippine android market competition. Here comes the Cherry Mobile Razor with its technical specs and price (soon.)