Protect your Android Phone from Malwares and Viruses

Apr 29, 2013

In the previous short article I have written, I was talking about the presence of malware and suspected virus on different applications installed on android phones. Today, let me tell you some tips and techniques to add security to android phones.

If you want to read my previous article entitled, Malware on Android, you can read it here.

Protect your Android Phone from Malwares and Viruses

1. Install an Antivirus
Most Android users prefer to browse the internet from time to time. There are quite a few websites that contains viruses. These harmful viruses can infect your mobile phone when you consciously or unconsciously browse through those websites. Consequently, your phone may get corrupted, hangs, lags or show error messages. In addition, your phone is also vulnerable when you plug it in computer with virus infestation. To avoid these situations, install a good a good antivirus. Supposedly, you should have done this at the very start.

Here are some of the best antivirus apps which you can download from Google Play Store. These apps are arranged alphabetically, just choose one.
- Avast! Mobile Security
- Antivirus Security - FREE
- Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite
- Zoner AntiVirus
- McAfee Antivirus & Security

2. Install a Malware Detection App
One app I can really recommend is the Lookout Security & Antivirus. It is really a useful application.

3. Update your Trusted Installed Apps
Security issues are fixed with every update the application gets.

4. Delete/Uninstall Error Filled Apps
If you experience receiving error messages from apps immediately uninstall these. Unless these apps are really from trusted developers.

5. Avoid Rooting your Phone
I might get bashed for this last recommendation. But since this is an article on Android Phone security, I would really suggest this. Rooted phones are vulnerable to apps that modify android's configuration. Although there are advantages to rooted phones.

Hope this post is helpful. What other apps or techniques can you share? Post these below.



  1. Hii which antivirus perform well but do not eat to much memory?? like it will not lag during game time. BTW i enjoy reading updates and news in your blogs. Continue to update us for something new :}

    1. Thanks for the compliment. :) These comments are my inspiration.
      I prefer to use Avast! Mobile Security. It is free, it has mobile security/tracking and it does not interrupt while playing, etc. But others may prefer other antivirus. Hope I helped.

  2. is it okie if i insert a usb hub. for keyboard,mouse,broadband or bluetooth dongle????

    1. pwede po..pero if gagawin nyo po yan sigurado ako di tatagal ang buhay ng battery. :)

  3. is it ok if i download the lookout security & antivirus and avast for instance?