Productivity Tools: Free Text to Speech for Windows

Apr 6, 2013

Have you ever read an ebook online or from your personal computer? Have you experienced your eyes dropping because you are sleepy? Well, this can help you with reading.
Reality check, most of us today have little to no tolerance in reading selections, articles, columns and other literature. We often read the first three to ten paragraphs with focus. After that, focus easily disperses. If you are a student, I am pretty sure decline in grades is a result.

What is a text to speech software? Well from its name, it reads the screen or texts in front of you.

How do I use this? Well, I use this when I am sleepy or I am so engrossed with the text and I want visual and auditory experience. For example, when I was encoding a paper for submission I listen to the content from time to time. Or when I read an ebook I used this to read the contents.

Where to download? You can get the software in Zabaware's Website

Hope you find this accessibility software helpful.


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