Binibining Pilipinas Question and Answer for the Top 15

Apr 14, 2013

Here’s the Question and Answer portion of the Bb. Pilipinas 2013. Updates from

Mr Bobby Huang to Bb 45: The Beatles believed that all you need is love. Agree or disagree? Why? Answer: We should just spread love and positivity to everybody.

Amb Roberto Mayorga to Bb 39. What would be your advocacy? Answer: I want to extend my help to people in need especially those people in BPCI charity.

Dir Gen Allan Purisima to Bb 41: What lesson in life can women teach men? Answer: Being sensitive because men are more logical unlike us women, we use our heart.

Gabby Lopez to Bb 13: In this age everything is made public. What should be made private and why? Answer: Your personal intentions should be private.

Sec. Rene Almendras to Bb 43: Mentions nurse in President Obama State of the Union Address . What traits make Filipinos stand out in the world. Answer: Honesty.

Gloria Diaz asks #46 Amanda Navasero if someone can be a good Catholic if they believe in the RH bill. Answer: Believing in the RH Bill is good especially for us educated people. We should know how to understand, especially for the kids.

Amb. Massimo Rosigno to Grace Apuad: What can be your greatest contribution to your local community? Ans: Being an inspiration to the youth. I am a very independent person and been living on my own and finished my studies even without my parents.

James Younghusband to Bb 22: If you had the opportunity to speak to the new pope, what would you tell him? Answer: I would congratulate him first. I will ask him to pray for our country.

Hirofumi Hashimoto to Bb 20: The ideal Filipino is? Answer: Both proud and happy people. We love the Philippines so much and come back here every year.

Liliana Zadawski to Bb 16: Personal quality most people remember about you? Answer: I’m unstopabble. Everything I wanted to do. I did it. if I know that what I do is right, I will do it.

Louis Ng to Bb 12: Which country aside from the Philippines fascinates you and why. Answer in Filipino: Kung ako papipiliin. Ayoko po sana iwan ang Pilipinas dahil mahal ko po ito. Pero kung ako ay bibigyan ng pagkakataon, pupunta ako sa Amerika.

 Boy Abunda to Bb 31: Are the best things in life really free? Yes like love, family, happiness and the care that you get from loved ones. You cannot buy that from anyone.

James Younghusband to Bb. 25: If you were to break one habit what would it be and why? Answer: eating junk food because its not healthy.

Dir Gen Allan Purisima to Bb 15: What do you think is the greatest achievement of Bb Pilipinas. Answer: The candidates not just the winners but everyone. Each candidate, our lives will change and we become inspiration for the people.

Liliana Zawadski to Bb. 33: What would you tell a child who is being bullied in school. Answer: Never look down, even if he is being stepped on. Respect for oneself will eradicate people who bully children.


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