Free Texts Online for Filipinos

Apr 8, 2013

Have you ever been in a situation when you need to text someone but you have no prepaid load? Have this happened to you while you are browsing the internet? Simply, NO load, NEED to text, BUT has internet connection. Here is the solution to that.
Just head over to

Free texts online for Filipinos

On the left side, you will see this form: Free Texts Online for Filipinos

All you have to do is input the correct number of the receiver. After that, encode what you want to text that person. (Do not forget to write your name.)

Answer the math question below, then press the SEND button.


Reminders: Please do not use this to spam others. It was provided for free so please use it with responsibly.

If you know of any other websites that offer this kind of service please feel free to post below. Hope this helped.


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