What is Echofon? PH Celebrities Use It

Apr 3, 2013

On twitter, have you seen "posted from echofon"? What is echofon? Is it a cellphone? Like the one you see as "posted via BlackBerry"? Well the answer is simple.
Echofon Logo

Echofon is an app. Now, do not ask me what is an app. That is another discussion. :)

Some celebrities in the Philippines have tweeted using echofon. One celebrity using this app is Lauren Young. Know of any other celebrity using Echofon? Post it in the comment box below.

Anyways, echofon is an application for twitter. Let me just quote from echofon's website:

Echofon for Twitter

Never Read a Tweet Twice

Echofon automatically keeps unread tweets in sync between apps on different devices.

Media Made Easy

Our apps make viewing and sharing photos, videos, locations, and links and more super simple!

Notifications when Needed

Echofon apps notify you of mentions and messages. Avoid duplicate alerts and set a sleep period.

Echofon Android Themes

Want to experience echofon? Here are the download links for Android and iOs.

Android's Google play

Apple's AppStore

If you have installed this then follow @NicoCalunia on twitter. Hope this article helped.