How to Use a Torrent Software and Tutorial (Windows)

Apr 1, 2013

It is all out there on the internet—books, movies, music, photos, softwares, TV and more. If you want it, it is very easy to get it. There are many ways to download all of that for free, and Torrent streams are arguably the most popular and faster way to do it. This post will show you how to find and  download torrents that are interesting to you.

Here are the Steps:

1. Find a torrent client software. The BitTorrent protocol will let you exchange, copy, syndicate or distribute information using the Internet. There is no main server involved, data is downloaded from other users, also known as peers. What you need is a program that will connect to the host and organize the download. There are a lot of client applications available. Some of the most common are:
A. uTorrent
B. Deluge
C. Vuze

Just install any one of these mentioned above and you are good to go.

2. Find a torrent file. The .torrent file is what you really need. This is a small file, mostly in KBs, that points to the main or central file that you want to download. You can download .torrent files from the following torrent search websites:


3. Click on any of the results on that page and it will redirect you to the download link. (Just make sure that it has a lot of peers.)

4. On the redirected page, click the Download Torrent button and let your torrent program do its job for you. The download will start automatically. Torrents download in the background, and while they do not require your attention, they will require a fair amount of time. Hours, in many cases.

Hope this helped.


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