Smallest Windows 7 Installation CD 699MB

Apr 2, 2013

The Windows 7 installation DVD is more than a Gigabyte. The CD image I will be talking about today is the smallest Windows 7 installation I have ever found in the internet. This image only occupies 699 Megabytes, which means you can burn this to a compact disk. Presenting the Windows Tiny7 Unattended Activated CD (x86) by eXPerience.

Here are the links to the details and the .torrent file:
Kickass Torrents

If you need to brush up your torrent skills, here is a post I have made an article entitled, How to Use a Torrent Software and Tutorial (Windows) covering the basics of Torrents. Take time to review what are the simple steps in downloading torrents.
Smallest Windows 7 Installation CD 699MB

Anyways, here are some statistics about the installation:
- ISO File Size: 699 Mb 
- RAM Usage On First Installation: 145 Mb 
- Entire Installation Size: 2.46 Gb 
- WINDOWS Folder Size: 2.40 Gb 
- Running Processes, total: 24
- Running Processes, Windows: 22 
- Install Time In VMware: 10 to 15 minutes* 

*The operating system takes 10 minutes to get to first logon, but on first logon the activation process takes a few minutes and in total it all adds up to about 15 minutes.

Special note from eXPerience (the author of this CD):

I have used this modded OS for a few days and it seems every bit as fast as Windows XP. If you have always wanted to use Vista, but were holding out for Windows 7 - its worth it! This slimmed edition boots up fast, shuts down fast, opens applications fast, even VMware v5.5 runs fast on it once its started up. File copying seems no slower than XP. All in all this new Windows really blows away XP because of all the new features. You have to remember XP is from 2001 when no one even had such a thing as "Wireless" or a SATA drive. Now all this new hardware runs on Windows XP but the OS was never designed to run it really. You might wonder why not just use Vista - don't even go there. Lets just pretend Vista never existed. In fact Microsoft should have not ever released it but I guess they had to in order to improve on it and eventually get it right - with Windows 7.

In my opinion, this installation disk is very commendable, actually impresive. I have installed this CD image in more than 5 computers, laptops and netbooks  and it was installed smoothly. But there were some issues about drivers, etc. after the installation.

Rating 4.5/5

Installation is very fast,
30 minutes to do a full reformat of a computer
Aero Theme is included
699 MB size
Fast Boot and Shutdown
Comparable to XP's Speed and Performance

Driver Issues
Default Wallpapers and Screensavers missing (due to its small size)



  1. Nic, Rico here. I want to reformat my laptop using this CD. How?Mo-install ka?

    1. Hi Rico! Kumusta? :) I will create a post on this soon, how to reformat a computer. Pero as of the moment just download the file using torrent and burn it on a CD. Mu-install ko pero this version has some issues when it comes to Camera and Bluetooth. I am still working on the issues. I-message na lang sa Facebook Rico if magpa-install ka.

  2. hi...Im student from Informatics engineering nice article,
    thanks for sharing :)

  3. xp was really good ,, windows has driver issues with usb devices ,, u can check the text file for what is excluded ( file inside the iso )

  4. use windows embedded standard 7.. smaller and no error .

  5. Use slim drivers to install cameras and other stuff e.g. Bluetooth and Wifi Drivers...

  6. Bro can u upload it in my country servers.... @INDOWEBSTER its also free... thx

  7. I am a person that loves poop

  8. I have Linux now can I install windows from this cd plc help


  10. This shit has a bunch of adware and viruses!

  11. hi, installed x86 no problems, works great. Im looking for 64bit version if exists, need the extra memory boost... if it exists could someone email me please. thank you!!