Software that can Strip Windows 8 Installation Disk

Apr 4, 2013

Last night, I was trying to find a stripped-down version of Windows 8. Eventually, I was lead to a post that was making a stripped down version of Windows 8.

It used a software called WinReducer. WinReducer is a freeware which can create a custom version of Windows 8 installation DVD. It reads Windows 8 files and removes many unnecessary features based on your selection. The tool also creates an automated installation disk.

WinReducer - Strip Windows 8 Installation Disk

The original article is written here. There is also a mini-tutorial included. And as a guide on what to remove in Windows 8, take a look at this forum.

Want to try WinReducer? Download here.

I remember when I used nLite to reduce Windows XP installation disk. I am excited to try this out. The problem is, I do not have an iso to experiment with it.


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