Election Campaign Violations According to the COMELEC

Apr 10, 2013

The Commission on Elections released a set of rules for the 2013 elections. The commission even produced a video which starred a person named "Boy Bawal" that would look for campaign materials that violated the rules. This may serve as a reminder for Filipinos. Let us share this to others so that they will know.

Violation #1: Over-sized Posters
Posters should have a maximum size of 2 feet by 3 feet
Leaflets should have a maximum of 8.5 by 14 inches

Violation #2: Campaign Material Placed in Public Vehicles
Campaign materials should not be placed in the public vehicles like buses, jeepneys, tricycles, pedicab, etc.

Violation #3: Campaign Materials placed in Trees, etc.
Campaign materials should be placed in Common Poster Area, not in trees, electric posts, telephone lines, etc.

Violation #4: Vote buying
Candidates or subordinates should not give money or any thing that has value to voters.

These are all in line with the COMELEC Resolution No. 9615. You can visit http://mycomelec.tv or report violations by tweeting @comelec and using the hashtag #sumbongko.

For a clean election.


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