Heat Stroke Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment for Filipinos

Apr 10, 2013

There had been news that some unfortunate Filipinos died due to heat stroke. One even, a candidate for the election. Let me give you a brief description of the term "Heat Stroke."

What is Heat Stroke?
It happens when the body dramatically increases its temperature.

Who are at risk?
Most people at risk are the following but not limited to: infants, elderly, athletes and people working under the heat of the sun.

What are the symptoms?
Nausea (nasusuka)
Muscle cramps
Difficulty in breathing
Rapid pulse

Avoid the following:
dehydration, physical activities under the sun, drinking: coffee, tea or soft drinks
Do the following:
drink water, wear hats and light colored clothing

What can we do as first aid?
Get the victim to a shady area, fan the victim and remove clothing
If able to drink, let the victim drink water or any cool beverage
Contact a nearby hospital or clinic immediately

Keep safe everyone!