When will the Firefox OS be launched in the Philippines

Mar 28, 2013

Recently, I have read an article about a new operating system lurking under the scene. I am talking about the fairly new Mozilla Firefox OS for mobile phones.

According to sources, Firefox OS was inspired by Mozilla Fennec (Firefox for Mobile) and it is composed of 3 vital components. Gonk, which is the low-level Operating System, Gecko, which the main engine and Gaia the company’s fancy term for the OS’s User Interphase. Much like the browser, the OS makes use of HTML5 which makes it easier for developers to easily create applications for the OS or port their existing apps from different platforms to the Mozilla Marketplace.
Firefox Operating System for mobile phones

As far as the local scene is concerned, they repeatedly said that although they have been negotiating with local telecommunication companies, they have not signed any formal deal yet with any of them.

Here is the most interesting part, they said that they plan to release a Firefox OS phone locally in the 1st quarter of 2013 and there’s a big chance that these phones will fit the majority of Pinoy’s budget. The big question is when.

If you want to find out more updates and news about the Mozilla Firefox Operating System and how you can be involved with its development, you can check out their site here or you can follow them on Twitter (@MozillaPH) or on Facebook.

I am so excited to get my hands on this operating system and see how it fairs with Android and iOS.

Just another question, will Chrome also release an operating system for mobile phones?


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