How To Format USB to NTFS in Windows XP

Mar 16, 2013

By default, Windows XP will only let you format a flash disk to FAT and FAT32. Today I will show you through screen shoots how to format your flash disk to NTFS format.

Here are the steps you will do.
1. Right-click on My Computer and click Manage.
2. On the Computer Management Dialogue Box click Device Manager. It will show all the devices attached to your computer.
3. Click on Disk Drives and find your USB Disk Drive.
4.Right-click on your Flash Disk and choose Properties.
5. It will show up another dialogue box. Click on the Policies Tab.
6. Choose Optimize for performance. Then click OK.
7. Let us now format our USB Flash Disk. Right-click on the USB Drive you want to format to NTFS and then choose Format...
8. You can now format your USB Flash Disk to NTFS. (see the picture on the left.)

I hope you have learned how to format your USB Flash Drive to NTFS format. There are many advantages when your flash disk is formatted to NTFS.

For comments and questions, just leave it in the comment box below and I will try to answer it the soonest I can.


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