Update 1: Honor Pupils and Those Advised to Take Summer Classes

Mar 20, 2013

As of March 20, 2013 - 12:21PM.

The moderators of Grade 4 (in XUGS Macasandig) have not yet received the final list of honor pupils from the registrar. If you need updates, please feel free to text me.

For those who are taking summer classes, will it be okay if I post your names in our page? I have to announce those who will take summer classes because most of them were not able to join the farewell party. Added to the list are those who have grades below 80 in Filipino, Math, Language and Reading.

Note: According to the memorandum, pupils who will not take or pass the summer classes will be advised to be retained (stay in Grade 4) or transfer to another school.

Hope this clears up things.

Have a great summer everyone. God bless!


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