Mobile Advertising Network: inMobi

Mar 16, 2013

I have been searching the internet for a way to monetize the hard work I have placed in creating a responsive mobile website. I was rejected by Google Adsense for more than a year. So I have to find other means of monetizing my mobile site.

I was hard up on searching and one of the sites lead me to inMobi.

What is inMobi?

Let me quote

"InMobi, earlier known as mKhoj,started as an SMS-based search platform with initial funding from Mumbai Angels. In 2007, the company pivoted to a more scalable platform, mobile advertising. After the business model change, mKhoj rebranded itself to InMobi and received two rounds of funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sherpalo Ventures..."

Their tag line for publishers is "Increase revenue, without compromise."

According to mobiThinking, inMobi is a 100% blind network. Advertisers can target groups of sites or categories of content, but cannot select a specific site. They serve ads on an 83:17 ratio preferring mobile websites over mobile applications.

So I have signed up with them and give this mobile advertising network a try. My account is still pending but I hope they will approve it within a 24 hour period. I will give updates on how to register and if my account was approved.



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