Qualcomm's 2013 Plans for Philippines + Firefox OS

Mar 28, 2013

Leading mobile technology company, Qualcomm, recently expressed their foreseen plans for the Philippines this year, 2013, as well as their collaboration with Mozilla for the Firefox Operating System.
According to Qualcomm, the company is expecting two things to happenthis year. First is the gradual increase of smartphone capabilities, second is the launch of LTE devices as data consumption grows in the country.

“Qualcomm will work closely with local companies to bring to the Philippines a significant variety of local brand smartphones that are highly functional and affordable,” says Mantosh Malhotra, Senior Director for Business Development, Qualcomm Philippines.

As for the Qualcomm and Mozilla collaboration, Qualcomm will continue to cooperate with Mozilla to help Firefox OS seamlessly work on some of Snapdragon manufactured processors. “Qualcomm is excited to play a key role in this initiative to support the availability of 3G smartphones while collaborating on the evolution of mobile services and applications for HTML5,” said Malhotra.
Firefox OS

These plans would certainly help Qualcomm utilize its new set of processors, particularly the Snapdragon 400 and 200 which are aimed at mid-tier and entry level smartphone segments.

This is great news for those who are anticipating the arrival of the Mozilla Firefox Operating System, including me. :)


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