inMobi Status Update: Rejected

Mar 17, 2013

Last night, I received an email from inMobi, about the status of the mobile website I would like them to serve advertisements on.

The email states:

Dear XxXxXx,

We regret to inform you that your site - Nico's Mobile Blog submitted to InMobi was rejected for the following reason:

Rejection reason - The site violates our content guidelines

Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you monetize your site until it meets our approval
and content guidelines -

Should you have any questions, please fill out our support form -

Warm Regards,
The InMobi Team

This is of no surprise to me since I posted something about an apple wallpaper for you android phone. It just goes to show that the inMobi administration really scrutinizes their publishers. So for the advertisers of inMobi, your money is placed in the correct hands.

I would not dare go far, as to email their help desk and ask for a re-evaluation of my site. :D

I would still recommend inMobi for your mobile sites (even though I was rejected).

One mobile advertising network already approved by application. And I will write a review on them as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

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