Take a Step Back Opera, Make Way for UC Browser

Jun 25, 2013

For years, Opera has been the go-to browser for mobile browsing here in the Philippines. Today, however, a newcomer is making its own name in the field - UC Browser!

UC Browser is the number one mobile browser in China with over 50% of the market share. It has over 400 million global users and was recognized by Forbes as China's Top 10 mobile company in 2012. With almost 10 years of mobile browsing expertise, UC Browser is ready to take on the Philippine market and welcome more Filipinos in its fold.

Why Switch to UC Browser?

There are several reasons to switch to UC Browser but here are the top five:

1. There's a UC Browser Perfect for You - No matter what phone, tablet, or operating system you use, you can be sure that there's a UC Browser made especially for you so don't worry about compatibility. UC Browser was made with every user's needs in mind. Check out the UC Browser that's best for your phone HERE.

2. Faster Browsing, Faster Download - We Filipinos love to browse the Internet and download files on our phones. However, our 3G and WIFI networks are not exactly the fastest in the world. Actually, internet in the Philippines is generally slow compared to other nations. With UC Browser's Cloud Accelearation Technology, though, a faster browsing and download experience is guaranteed by compressing webpages in the server and pre-loading pages in the background. There's also a pause and resume function for downloads in case of Internet interruptions.

3. Share Wherever - It's no secret that us Filipinos are social beings. We love to share even the most mundane things to our friends online. Using UC Browser, you can easily share your experiences, photos, posts, articles, videos, etc on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social networking sites!

4. Personalize Your Browser - Admit it! You too like customizing your things, may it be the look of your room, gadget, or browser. Most Filipinos are innately creative so we like to put our personal stamp on things to make these our own. UC Browser allows you to change the look of its browser depending on your preference. You can download wallpaper and themes from an online database to suit your mood.

5. Multifunctional But Light - In terms of functionality and features, UC Browser was built to be robust and intuitive. Some of its features include gestures (a touch functionality that allows you to open, close, and switch tabs using a two-finger swipe), voice control, smart zoom, and night mode for eye-friendly browsing at night.

Besides these, there are many other things to love about UC! Download UC Browser on your phone and discover how mobile browsing can be so much better!

Download UC Browser HERE: http://goo.gl/SgYJu


  1. nice. pero i doubt na bibilis un download ng files dahil same old speed pa din naman un gamit. pero kung browsing lng pwede lalo na kung compressed un pics.

  2. i tried this browser but opera mini is still faster.

    opened youtube and opera mini wins.

    but chrome for phones? not recommended.

  3. Hi Krypt! Ok ang Opera if full mobile browser support gusto mo. But if you have very limited speeds go for UC browser. It will compress all the available "desktop elements" into compressed loading times. :) If you can browse this site using UC, it will load the desktop version not the mobile version. Which is really better in viewing full websites. Try mo sir Krypt. :)

    1. Thanks sir krypt. :) really nice of you to try UC..makikita month calcunico doon. Go to mobile sites>email.blog >calcunico.. I am very pleased that UC has the link now on their latest version. Thanks sir krypt and uc. :)

  4. need ba iactivate ung GPRS ng carrier ko bago magamit UC browser? tks.

    1. Hindi naman kailangan. As long as nakakapag internet ka sa phone mo bago install un UC, walang problem.

    2. Hindi naman kailangan. As long as nakakapag internet ka sa phone mo bago install un UC, walang problem.