NMobile Blog Updates and News

Jun 8, 2013

"We are on a mission." One of the things that enlightened me during the 3-day retreat given to us by the school where I teach.

It was clearer for me now where this blog will be heading in the near future. This will be a venue where people will be aided in finding the right phone for them. Aside from that people will be sharing their thoughts on the latest developments of the phone industry here in the Philippines. Thus, there will be some renovations and innovations underway.

I would like to apologize first for not answering questions for several days. I was on retreat. :)

1. The NMobile App is 80% done. If there are some who would like to test the app please leave a comment below.
2. The MORE tab will be developed soon. Possible entries: Philippine Weather and Find a Phone by Brand. If you have suggestions for the MORE tab, feel free to comment below.



  1. wow may app na :)

    isa ako sa mga tester ng app. paano un? :)

  2. i followed you sa twitter. pa-follow na lang. hehehehe!